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We know design is best achieved when made smart, simple and with purpose.

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Point West Credit Union

Portland, Oregon


Looking to refresh their image following the financial crisis, Point West Credit Union came to Harlo for a reinvention — a new logo, marketing materials and a strong web presence that could effectively deliver news and important information to current and prospective clients. The new logo conveys stability and warmth — important attributes in the credit industry — and also acts as a metaphor with the trailing edge of the W pointing west.

Services Provided

Website Design
Content Management Systems
Search Engine Optimization
Website Development
Content Strategy
Digital Strategy
Social Media Strategy
UX / UI Strategy

Logo Design

We know your logo is the single most visible part of a brand, it symbolizes the character of the company or organization, and is the core element to a corporate identity system. Every detail of a successful logo is built with purpose to communicate a desired thought or feeling. The best logos are made simple, distinctive, practical, and should make a lasting impression.