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Five Plates - Mobile App

Five Plates approached our mobile team with a large and innovative new concept. With a partial build out in place, Five Plates needed a partner to see their project through to completion. Our mobile team performed an audit on the application’s architecture; then worked on repairing and improving the functionality for eventual launch. Discovering and correcting issues with the existing app while planning for future enhancements and development was the strategy for this project.

“My husband and I had an idea one day to market and sell an app. After spinning our wheels with different developers, we enlisted Harlo’s help to create a solid, functional app. I'm so happy we did. Harlo's team is professional in every sense of the word. The developers clearly love what they do and have treated our app as they would treat their own. As a small business owner, I always felt secure with my business in the hands of Harlo and I appreciate the care they've taken to make Five Plates work. I highly recommend Harlo.”-M.A.

Five Plates

Five Plates

Five Plates